“Due to health and safety reasons……….”

Have you ever gone in to a shop or premises and seen signs that start with the words “due to health and safety reasons”? I know I have (more than once).

Last week I was in a retail outlet and I saw a sign that said “due to health and safety reasons we can no longer sell display tvs sorry for any inconvenience”.

This did get me thinking of what the health and safety reasons could be as I know this particular retailer has sold display televisions in the past. Not much had changed from a previous visit other than the store layout. After browsing the store I was still curious so I thought I would ask a member of staff.

Sadly, the member of staff had no idea and said that the signs had been put up over the previous weekend but he wasn’t told why.

I decided to leave it and not trouble the staff any further as they were particularly busy. The problem is I have a curious mind and it does bug me that some companies due the “health and safety” tag for reasons/excuses rather than just saying it is company policy.

Yesterday I decided to phone the store to ask what the health and safety reasons were. The lady who I spoke to seemed surprised that I was asking the question but she too was unable to answer the question so she asked the health and safety rep.

It turns out that as the tvs are now displayed on a racking system the power sockets are quite a way back so for the store to sell the display items it would mean the staff members having to lean over the racking system whilst on ladders and this would be an health and safety concern for the staff member(s) as well as the general public (if the televisions were to fall).

That made perfect sense and I was happy with the explanation.

The lesson I have learnt from this is that you should not worry about asking a question and challenging something that may be easily accepted just because it is for health and safety reasons.

Until next time…………..

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