Happy Birthday Phoenix Training


Today marks a very special day is Phoenix Training’s history – we are celebrating our 35th birthday.

Since it’s inception the training landscape has changed dramatically so we have also had to adapt as necessary.

When the business first began in 1983 it was part of the Co-Operative Society and was set up to work with young people who took part in the Youth Training Scheme (YTS) in a number of different industries.

Since 1990 the business has been privately owned and managed. Firstly by David and Val Nesbitt and then in 2010 the baton was passed to David’s daughter, Emma.

Emma first joined Phoenix Training in 2000. During that time Phoenix Training worked on several Government funded contracts as well as delivering fork truck training commercially. The Government funded contracts (work based learning for adults, short job focussed training, rapid response service and Gateway to Work) made up a majority of the organisations income. At various stages Phoenix had branches in Liverpool, Manchester, St Neots, Newark, Kettering, Wellingborough and Northampton.

Towards the end 2009 all Government funding came to an end so the decision was made to become fully commercial. The only branch remaining is Wellingborough.

There have been a lot of changes within the fork truck training industry since 2010 and, in my opinion, this has been a big improvement. There is now far more focus on operator safety but there is still some way to go.

As Emma has a passion for health and safety she delivers a number of health and safety courses which are not industry specific. Today, for example, she was delivering manual handling training at a primary school. This is not our usual target market but the staff did require training on safe lifting techniques.

The team at Phoenix all have their own individual skills set and each bring something different to our offering.

Emma started as the receptionist but after one year started to work as a trainer on the Gateway to Work contract. In 2008 she returned to Head Office to assist with the running of the office and in 2013 took the decision to become a fork lift instructor. Shortly after  she became a manual handling instructor and since 2016 she has been delivering IOSH Working and Managing Safely courses, both locally and nationally.

Steve has been with us since 2004. He is a highly experienced fork truck instructor as well as manual handling trainer.

Paul joined the team in 2014. Having come from a manufacturing background he has a breadth of knowledge within the industry and a broad knowledge of health and safety.

Dave started with us in February 2018 and he has experience of being both an in-house as well as a self-employed instructor working with many different industries.

The newest member of the team is Julie. Julie started with us just two weeks ago as an administration assistant. As Emma is now spending more time delivering training she really did need some help! Julie has previously worked in a very different type of industry but compliance is something she is very familiar with.

Looking back over the past 35 years it really has been a journey and we are excited about what lies ahead.

Should you require any additional advice or guidance please do not hesitate to contact us on 01933 677708 or email info@phoenixsafetyservices.co.uk

Until next time………….


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