Fraudulent Forklift Certificates

There are some fraudulent Phoenix Training certificates ‘doing the rounds’. This was brought to my attention last week as a company rang to verify a couple of our certificates as they had a feeling there wasn’t something quite right with them.

The instructor name and details on the certificates were of an instructor who left Phoenix in 2006 but the certificates were dated 2014.

Once saw the certificates I knew that they had been tampered with as some parts (other than signatures) had been handwritten. Upon further investigation the original certificate had been issued in 1998 and the date had been Tippexed out and handwritten as 2014. The candidate had handed over a photocopy rather than the original so this was not obvious to the person receiving it.

I was also sent another certificate yesterday. On first appearance it looked quite convincing but several things didn’t quite fit. Firstly the date on the certificate was 2013 but our address was the one we had left in 2010. The instructor and authoriser signatures were not genuine—in fact they looked nothing like the originals. The instructor and authoriser of the certificate, had by 2013, both passed away. When I checked our records the certificate number was correct, the person it had been issued to was also correct but they had altered the date from June 2007 to June 2013.

All of the fraudulent certificates that I have seen over the past week (two for one person and one for another) were all in the old style of our certification. The final old style certificate was issued on 23rd June 2011. From 24th June 2011 the new style which includes the candidate photograph have been issued, please see examples below.

If you have any concerns about a certificate issued by Phoenix Training please do ask us to verify it is genuine and correct. I would much rather verify 20 certificates a day than let a potentially unsafe operator use a truck.

We can be contacted on 01933 677708 or email

Until next time…….

Capture2 (3)


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